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Customization service

Do you do custom work?

Yes we do! We can:

  • Personalize one of our existing templates.
  • Shape a brand new and unique template just for you.

I have a clear idea of how my website is going to look like, what formats do you accept for the graphic files?

We accept PSD ( Photoshop document ), XCF ( native image format of the GIMP ) and PNG.

Is my template going to look exactly like the graphic file I sent you?

We strive to render the template exactly like your instructions but in some cases it might end up being different.
Below is a brief run down of the main reasons why we cannot guarantee a perfect rendering:

  • When it is possible, we prefer to use CSS3 effects instead of background images ( for example border radius corners and gradient backgrounds ). This will make the page lightweight.
  • While the elements size and margins on the graphic file are static we place lots of importance on making a flexible layout: we set relative units for font size, margins, paddings, widths and heights.
  • Our goal is to code an accessible template, therefore we need to be aware of many rules regarding, for example, font color and contrast, the legibility of the text and the structure of the page.
  • We need to add the accessibility panel on the top of the page.

If we cannot guarantee a perfect rendering we will alert you and explain the best solution.

What do you mean by "personalizing an existing template"?

If you feel that one of our template in our gallery could fit your idea but you need to change some details ( for example, you want to modify the color patterns, change the structure of the layout, add a module position or add some new graphics ) then we are willing to do it for you. Remember to give us as much detail as you can: The more precise you are, the more satisfying the result will be.

How much does a custom template cost?

It depends on the level of customization. In the customization page you can find a detailed prices table.We will communicate the evaluated prices after the investigation of your request.

I want a customized template, what do I need to do?

Go to our Contact us page and read all the details about our customization service.