Updates for Joomla 3.2

Joomla 3.2 has just been released!. All our templates have been updated to support this new Joomla release. If you're experiencing problems with you template please follow these instructions:

Extract the ZIP. Then access this directory: "JOOMLA_ROOT_DIR/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/application/handlers/cms". Do not replace the original files, instead, first make a backup copy of them (place the character "_" in front of the name, for example "_cms_platform_handler.php" and "_cms_components_view.php"). After that you can upload the two new files.

If you're experiencing troubles roll back to the previous version of the files and Contact us.

JFolder warning

If your Joomla website uses a Zhong-based template then it is possible that you encountered this warning:

JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: /JOOMLA_ROOT_DIR/templates/TEMPLATE_NAME/css

This is a common warning for our templates, but it doesn't have any negative effect on a Joomla website.

To solve this problem simply create a folder "css" in the root directory of your template.

The warning comes out because Joomla expects the CSS files to be inside the folder "zhong/css". Instead the template's CSS files are placed into "zhong/assets/css". We chose to change the default folder because the template is based on a complex framework, therefore we re-arranged the directories to keep it more organized.

Version 2.2.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of the version 2.2.0 of the Zhong Framework, all templates have been updated.

This release brings many important improvements:

  • [Added feature] Custom user layout width
  • [Added feature] Custom head tags
  • [Added feature] Advanced style customization
  • [Added option] Show/hide "top" button
  • [Added option] Logo as the homepage link
  • [Added option] Inline custom CSS
  • [Fixed] style for tags in Joomla 3.1
  • [Removed feature] Custom module min-height
  • [Added feature] Same height custom modules
  • [Improved] Page semantic (improved HTML5 structure)
  • [Improved] snippets
  • [Improved] accessibility panel
  • [Improved] Page SEO
  • [Improved] "Full Access" layout
  • [Improved] Accessible slideshow v.1.0.0 released
  • [Improved] CSS Validation
  • [Languages added] Russian, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Croatian

This is a "middle" release. This means that the page structure and some backend parameters have changed, therefore the update process could be difficult.

If you have purchased a template and you want to update it, please read carefully this section of the guide (updating the template).

IMPORTANT: If you proceed with the template update you also need to update the accessible slideshow.

Our customers are welcome to contact us if they're experiencing difficulties with the update process.

Version 2.1.2 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of the version 2.1.2 of the Zhong Framework

This release brings some minor improvements:

  • Improved best legibility mode
  • Improved high-contrast layout
  • Improved compatibility with Joomla 3
  • Improved semantic template structure

All templates have been updated.

Our templates on Aruba Servers (for italian customers)

Molti clienti italiani ci hanno segnalato dei malfunzionamenti dei nostri templates su server Aruba. Nello specifico, i nostri templates appena installati non caricano correttamente gli stili CSS.
Questo problema e' dovuto ad una particolare configurazione dei server di Aruba, i quali non permettono l'esecuzione a file PHP se non con nominativo "index.php". I nostri templates utilizzano un algoritmo di compressione e raggruppamento dei file javascript e CSS che rilascia un file PHP con nome diverso da "index.php".

Per risolvere il problema basta semplicemente disattivare l'algoritmo di compressione: aprite il pannello di amministrazione del template, sotto la tab "Advanced Options", settare l'opzione "Enable minify scripts" su "false".

Portal template released!

A new template has been released.

You can check it out at our gallery.

Portal is on sale until June the 21st!

Version 2.1.1 Released!

Version 2.1.1 is out! This release has minor fixes plus important features added and a new language included.

  • Fix: Custom module style bug from template administration panel.
  • Fix: Now JS files are included directly with a script tag if the minify option is disabled.
  • New feature: Google fonts import.
  • New feature: Google analythics.
  • New feature: favicon.
  • New accessibility feature: aria-heading
  • New language: Dutch