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This is the alerts-panel position

Attention: these positions are valid for the new version of the Zhong Framework (3.x.x). If you're looking for the old release 2.x.x please refer to this screenshot.

This is the main-top-A position
This is the main-top-B1 position
This is the main-top-B2 position
This is the main-top-C1 position
This is the main-top-C2 position
This is the main-top-C3 position
This is the main-top-D1 position
This is the main-top-D2 position
This is the main-top-D3 position
This is the main-top-D4 position

IMPORTANT for accessibility: To ensure that this template is accessible to screenreaders you MUST load only certain modules into certain positions, as explained below:

The positions "main-menu", "side-menu", "support-menu" and "footer-menu" can only accept a menu module.
The "search" position can only accept a search tool.
The "breadcrumbs" position can only accept the breadcrumbs module.
The "login" position can only accept a login module.
The "language-switcher" position can only accept the language-switcher module.
The "follow-us" position can only accept social links or similar content.
The "footer-credits" position can only accept a text module with the information of your organization or company.

The other positions ("aside-top-*", "aside-bottom-*", "aside-left", "aside-right", "footer-top-*" and "main-top-*") are free: you can load any kind of content or modules (such as a slideshow, related content to the main article, other plugins, news, etcetera).

Why is this important?
Our templates are built over a semantic structure that is very important for users using a screenreader. To ensure that this semantic structure is correct please load your modules into a correct position.
How do I check if the semantic structure of my website is correct?
For versions of Zhong prior to 3.3.0, visit your website in "High contrast" layout and check that each section is described by a correct heading (Here is a visual example).
For Zhong 3.4.0 or older, access the "Advanced Options" tab, enable the option "Reveal section headings?" and check that each block is described by the correct popup. (hover the popup with the mouse to highlight the related block)